Obsidian Shard

Originally launched in March, 2000

Tips and Tricks

Use commands .help (help page for paging staff and going to RC) .hungry (tells your hunger level) .where (gives your coordinates and region name) .flip (changes item graphic if available) .resend (refreshes memory for your surroundings) where appropriate.

To cut down on crashing type .resend after logging in, dieing or getting hallucination spell cast on you. Don't drag vendor status bars to see their names (check their paperdolls, use AllNames macro or use NPC proffessions to address them). Use TargetNext macro with care when moving and potential targets are going out of your sight.

You lose a hunger level every ~30 minutes. Most foods will satiate you by 1 level, sheaf of hay - ~8, roasted pig - ~48 levels. If using normal foods choose ligher ones to carry around, say fish steaks.

If you're stuck on a coast or some hole in the ground and are trying to use RC to move, but can't see the runestone which is blocked by the ground, you can still click it even if you don't see it. Just click around the spot it should be (your feet) till you find it.

Double clicking a bladed object to cut a corpse might be cumbersome or bad for equiping. Instead, you can use poison potions for that. Similarly, you can use house door key to shear sheep, get kindling from a tree or set somebody for LastTarget macro usage in the middle of a fight.

Formula for counting your max weight capacity is STR*4+30. Weight decimals aren't shown though, so don't be surprised when it won't let you put an item in your pack which makes your weight be shown at max. Be carefull when near weight cap and doing smth to force unequip (casting spell for example), as it requires a bit more free space and might result in dropping at your feet (with ground inequalities it might become invisible, but it's still there, just need to find it by clicking around). Additionally, you can carry up to 3x of your max weight capacity. You pick up an item, but instead of putting it in your pack simply walk, as if carrying it "in hand".

You can use poison potion or taming stone through walls. See where it might help.

If your pet got stuck somewhere you can move it through RC. Say "All Come" before double clicking charged up runestone and your nearby pets will follow you to RC.

Donators Portal in RC will teleport non donators or animals to Trinsic (near West gate).

You can use Special Dyes made by tailors to dye your vendor clothes on them or use scissors to "undress" them.

Separate before using -stat potions or +stat fishes, as the whole stack gets deleted, but you get the benefit of only 1 item.

Cutting somebody's pet's corpse will flag you criminal. Be carefull stepping into protected area while you are one.

If you happen to witness someone breaking a rule take a screen shot and page staff about it. If nobody responds in some time pick an active staff member and send him a pm with explanation along with the link for the hosted screen shot(imageshack.us).

NPC vendors restock every ~2.5 hours. That changes item prices in set ranges. Selling item numbers change when the vendor respawns (NPC wipe or death).

Don't waste time on training a crafting skill, gathering resources and making an item if you can make money faster with another skill/hunt and simply buy the thing.

Use scissors on yourself to cut your hair/facial hair.

Use lesser cure and cure potions to temporarily gain DEX. 10-15 for lesser cure and 24-30 for cure depending on alchemy skill.

Polymorphing into a monster makes you lose karma temporarily. Be carefull if you're low on it, as you might turn red for the time being.

Cast Clumsy on yourself before polymorphing. That will let you have higher DEX for the polymorph duration once the Clumsy spell wears off.

It's possible to use forge/anvil through the wall, just need to be close enough. Make use of the houses near mines that way.

Tamed animals gets fed the equivalent of ~24 hours.

When fishing near NPC say something like "hi" each minute to keep him occupied so he wouldn't pick up valuable fishes you might catch.

Lockpicking doesn't have range/obstacle check, so you can use it from afar minimizing time you're exposed to monsters.

Enticement forgetfull fish removes Discordance skill. There're no FFF for Necromancy, Provocation, Remove Trap. Ask a GM to remove those skills for you. Snooping, Stealing fff doesn't work anymore (GMs can't set them to 0 individually either), but those skills will get zeroed after server restart, so don't waste your money.

To aquire a newbied spellbook with all working spells you buy an empty one from NPC Mage and add spell scrolls to it. You can buy level 1-5 ones from NPC Mages, except for Agility, Cunning, Strenght and Magic Reflect. Hunt spellcasters for levels 7-8 (random lvl 6 might rarely drop too). Borrow a full spellbook or get non newbied one from NPC loot, make a char with 50% inscription and scribe level 6 ones, plus others you're short off. Currently you should have 8-6-3-7-7-8-7-8 spells in respective circles for all working spells.

If you see player ghost's speech as "OooOoOOooO" use Spirit Speak skill.

You'll have to cancel tracking to use another skill (like taming). Change war/peace mode (TAB) for that.

Use Animal Lore to see who's the owner of an animal or vendor.

If an Arms Lore responce includes words "magical aura", means the item is newbied. Also, NPC vendors won't buy them.

Begging and Musicianship are great skills to annoy people.

Double click ingot requiring lower skill if you get a message about your skill being too low when attempting to craft from higher level metals and have the required skill level. You'll be able to choose the metal in crafting menu.

Potions that are supposed to stack doesn't when made with different Alchemy skill level.

Don't waste skill points on Camping skill, as you can use some of static flames throughout the lands (Britain South-West bridge for example).

Some crafting menus require you to have particular resources or more of them to appear for selection.

Use kryss (hardly penetrates Reactive Armor or high AR rating), war fork with Fencing, longsword, viking sword, battle axe with Swordsmanship, hammer pick (magical ones are one-handed), war hammer, war axe with Mace Fighting.

Recall runes have ~100 uses (fails count too). It should start giving "starting to fade" message at ~90, but doesn't always.

Dye tubs have 50 uses. You can use them to dye Leather dye tubs.

Skill ranges in tiles (1 being the tile adjacent to you): Archery 10, Blacksmithy 3, Fishing 6, Healing 3, Lumberjacking 3, Magery 18, Mining 2, Poisoning 3, Taming 5 (10 once you start taming), Tracking 60 at GM (10 at 0%, 1 per 2%).

Although Bless, Curse, Paralyze and Mana Vampire spells are disabled you can still use them from scrolls if the need arises and you manage to find them. Paralyze is sold at some NPC Mages and Mana Vampire sometimes drops in monster loots.

You need to double click forgetfull fish or magical weapon to identify them.

Monsters come to the tile where you have hidden and reveal by hitting. You'll need to move from the spot you've hidden with Stealth to lose the pursuers.

To tame an animal that's attacking you you'll have to move away from it and wait for the message that it or you "have retreated". Alternatively, you can let it hit you and not attack back (constantly changing war/peace mode for example), it should lose interest after few hits.

Split off and double click reagents to make a lesser version of the potion once your skill level is higher.

To get cheaper bandages/cloth buy raw materials and spin the bolts of cloth yourself. Do some calculation to see what's cheaper. Also you can keep few sheep and shear them for wool. Feed them hay and use a GM melee skill for shearing not to kill them. If you happen to get a "sheep is too restless" message, just hit it once, get out of the area to retreat from the battle, then come back to do whatever you were in the first place.

Get an auto-sight weapon for easy Nightsight (especially on crafters). Equip and wait for it to unequip.