Obsidian Shard

Originally launched in March, 2000

Escorting Nobles

Getting Started

So you would like to make a little more money then normal and don't want to have to rely on your fighting skills?  Then escorting nobles may be the perfect thing for you!

Step 1 - Finding and Hiring the Nobles

Nobles are your primary client and they can be usually found in Fringe's Drunkard Tavern in the fair town of Sherwood.  They will often stop by when they are in the area because as you know the roads to all the towns are dangerous and these Nobles aren't exactly the best of fighters.

Once you find a noble chances are he isn't being escorted and he could use your assistance.  Walk up to a Noble and say "I will take thee".  They will then tell you if they are already being led or if they could use your assistance.

If they can use your assistance they will thank you for your offer and inform you of where they need to get.>

Step 2 - Escorting a Noble

Once you have agreed to escort the noble and know where you are headed you now need to lead them to the town.  You tell them "come here" and they will follow you.  

**Note: Be warned we ran into a few problems scripting this and we needed to find a work around.  When they follow you they will actually attack you and while doing so they will follow you.  Do not call the guards or your noble will be killed.  Neither you or the noble should get hurt from him attacking you.  Just lead him where you want him to go. **

If you want your Noble to stop following you just say "stop".  Mages may want to gate these nobles directly to the town, but be careful they will not always follow you through the gate.

Step 3 - Arriving at the location

So you have sucessfully escorted the noble through all the trecheries of the land and have finally reached his destination.  When you get to the town tell the vendor that you have arrived.  If you have indeed took him to the correct town he will gladly pay you and leave.

Rules of Nobles

  • You cannot escort more then 1 noble at a time

  • Gating a noble rarely works.

  • If you do not make it to the destination in 2 hours the noble will go back to Sherwood to seek a more worthy escort

Noble Commands

  • I will take thee
    If the Noble isn't already being led he will accept your offer
  • Destination
    The Noble will tell you where he needs to be taken
  • Discharge
    Allows you to stop escorting the Noble
  • Arrived
    When you arrive at your destination you say this to receive your reward
  • Come here
    Makes the Noble follow you (**Note: he will attack you, but don't worry he will not hurt you...this is the only way we can make them follow you)
  • Stop
    Makes the Noble stop