Obsidian Shard

Originally launched in March, 2000

Rune Chamber

Runestone Chamber provides means of getting to the farthest reaches of Britannia. It has few portals to most important places of interest and a bunch of preset exit points to different locations which are controlled by a code system. You travel to RC by entering .help command and choosing the bottom option (Travel to Runestone Chamber). Alternatively you can get to help pane through paperdoll. Choosing that option drops a runestone at your feet (given you're fully healed and not in combat) which takes a minute to charge and which you need to double click after. Once inside RC you can click once on a portal to see where it leads. For codes there're 12 symbols outta which combination of 5 must be enabled for the portal to activate.

The activation order doesn't matter, but all the symbols must be disabled before starting a new combination. It takes ~20 seconds for a symbol to go out after double clicking it. For example to travel to inside of Britain West Bank you'd double click number 1, 4, 6, 8 and 11 symbols within the 20 seconds period and walk through the appeared flame. If you were to enter a non existing code you'd not be able to pass through the flame and would get a message informing of that.

If you crash in RC (or going there) and are unable to log back in on that char it's because your client fails to load all the dynamic objects present there. Couple things to try out to get it fixed.

  • Once you choose your stuck char (where client goes non responsive) it still logs in and people around can see you (for couple minutes or untill you close the client). Get a friend to hit you once (so you turn some other way) while you're in game like that and try to login again.
  • Close the client and go to obsi_install_dir/Desktop/your_account_name/Obsidian Shard/stuck_char_name folder and rename the file desktop.uos (i.e. to desktop.uos.backup). Try to login. If it succeeded get out of RC, log out, close the client and restore the file from backup to retain your earlier desktop settings.
  • Log on another char and page staff about it. To page type .help (or get to help pane through your paperdoll) and choose the option about your char being stuck, enter your plead for help and press Enter. Stay online, staff will tell you what to do when they get to you.
  • Alternatively just keep trying with some breaks, it'll go through eventually.