Obsidian Shard

Originally launched in March, 2000

Vampire Bloodlines, Phase 2

The last bloodline has awoken.

The night deepens;

The white moon shines;

The heartbeat quickens;

The wind races;

The truth is concealed.

Time ago, events were set into motion,

Now those events reach their zenith.

A brief calm before the storm,

As the next chapter opens.

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Maintenance Downtime

Since everyone's busy, i'm taking this time to take the server down to do some maintenance to clean up some ugly behavior that the server's been doing the past few weeks. It's a long clean, so anywhere between 4-18 hours. I'll post here when it's done and back up and try to do edits as it goes along:

EDIT: Done, it is back up now.

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Obsidian Shard Grand Reunion Fri March 27th, 7 pm cst

For those who had email, you'll notice we (over the past few days due to rate limits) sent out this email:

Hail, and well met, from Obsidian Shard!

The world is in shambles, the people are cowering, and everyone yearns

for a simpler time. A time when they ran free, had less worries on their

mind, and could just sit back, and engage in the simpler pleasures in




Talking crap at Vesper Bank

Ganking in Despise

Getting that last mustang to complete your collection

You know, when we weren't all working each day to exhaustion.

Well it seems a lot of us have some time on our hands, and I'd like to

extend this opportunity to come back, hang out a bit, and pretend life

isn't so complicated.

Friday, March 27th, at 7 cst, going until the last of us pass out, we'd

like to see you all, make some memories, and catch up on what's been

going on with you all these past few years.



Installer download from http://dxgaming.com/obsidian/join.php

And if you can't remember who you were? No worries, we'll get you back

on, I'll be checking every evening for pms or posts in forums to reunite

people with their hard earned avatars.

Hope to see you all there!

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Game downtime Sunday March 22nd

Maintenance window planned: 8 am cst to 2 pm cst

Reason: Moving the server, it'll be on a new fiber gigabit connection after this.

There will be another downtime at some time in the future(days later) after this move, when i switchover the underlying network with some new hardware and layout. But I'm hoping that one will be measured in minutes because the network buildout is entirely new equpiment so it should just be a switchover and re-authenticate situation.

EDIT: Moved it later by 2 hours due to changing plans.

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Headsup and Hosting Move

For those who it may concern:

Hosting migration happening soon, will try to get as much done this weekend as I can.

Good news is it means the broken parts of the site will slowly be able to start coming back online as we'll have more control over this new hosting without waiting on a game of telephone with broadband.

The bad news is due to the tech upgrades that are required (older phps being phased out, among other things) more things will probably break.

Also merry christmas

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