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 Post subject: Tales of Shadow (2)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:58 am 
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"Well..." Shadow droans on, trying to buy time to make up a fake convincing story, so everyone will think he is not a force to be recond with. "It happend like this you see... I was walking in the woods, looking for some black bears to kill, when out nowhere this tall man, with long green hair, dressed in all black was walking towards me, threatning me!"
"Wait... that sounds like Chips... I know for a fact hes been in his house all day, are you lieing?" Dark rider quickly catches on.
"OHH did i say GREEN?! I must have ment green armor, with a black horse... yah.." Shadow stutters, and stammers, trying to back peddal as much as he can.
"Oh ok, carry on." Dark Rider notions with his hand for Shadow to continue his tale.
"Well... as I said, i went to hunt bears, so i asked the man, 'Have you seen any prize bears around lately?' and he replied 'I have seen but one prize, and I only hunt human!'" Shadow started to exagerate his tone of voice. "Then the man charged at me, un sheathing his giant, silver sword, hurteling all its weight towards me." Shadow motions out the role of the fake attacker. "I just barely dodged his attak, would have killed me too. I quickly estimated his strength, and when I was sure enough that i would win, I ran up to him and punched him in the throat!" Shadow throws a crummy jab
"Oh? Then what happend?" Dark rider starts to get inticed into Shadows tale.
"Well, he keeled over, so i went to knee him in the face, but alas. His sword was in the way, and i drived it in my thigh, as you can see here." Shadow gestures to the hole in his tatterd up pale shorts, where a small wound is left.
"Wait a second... you came here with a dagger in your thigh... Are you trying to lie to me?!" Dark Rider jumps to his feet, purks out his chest.
"No no no no... i would never, it was a slip of the tongue... i meant to say he pulled out his dagger! Honest!" Shadow cowers back in his seat, covering his face.
"YAH?! ILL GIVE YOU MY DAGGER!" Dark Rider pulls out his sword, lifts it above his head, and with all his power, brings it down to earth, towards Shadows head.
"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Shadow screams in a high pitched voice. This startles Ch'uan Fa, and he yells "Guards!"
*POOF* "Stop Criminal Scum!" The guard pulls back his arrow, lets it fly, and disarms dark rider, it then runs up to him, punching him across the face, and tieing him up, bringing him to jail.

From all this Ruckess, a man sitting on the bench reading a book on the opposite side of the bank peers up at Shadow, dumbfounded. He closes his book, and sighs. Standing up, he has both eyes closed, one of the opens to peer at Shadow. He lets out yet another sigh, and grudgingly walks over to Shadow. "Hey.." Chips calls out to shadow. "Heey.. Kid?" Chips calls out once more, sighing yet again.
Shadow turns his head to see a man, with long green hair, dressed in all black, with a book clenched in his right hand. Shadow takes a quick gulp, and replies with a shaky "H..he..hello..."
"Listen kid... *sigh*.. I heard you saying something about me earlier... What is it that you are blaming on me?" Chips runs his hands through his bangs that are escaping his pointy hat.
" sii..siir... I was.. just.. saying, how.. uhmm..." Shadow stutters
"Look kid... *sigh* .. just dont say anything about me, ok? Ill let you off with a warning.. *sigh*" Ships goes to turn around.
Ch'uan Fa yells. "EMO!"
Chips turns around, with his book open, a blaze of fire balled up in his hand. "What did you say.. kid?" His tone of voice has changed.
Ch'uan Fa stands still like a statue. He points over at Shadow. Who just so happens to be looking away.
"Call me an Emo?! Ill show you EMO!" Chips is screaming at shadow now, he flips through his book, stops at a page, and runs his finger under words while screaming. "Kal Vas Flame!" Closes his book, and grins.
"Cool?" remarks Shadow, thinking nothing of this wizarddry. All of a sudden Shadow feels a hot flash, and he is ingulfed in fire, he drops to the floor dead.
"ooops... to much, killed the kid." Chips scuttles over to his weird black bird thing, and takes off down town.
Ch'uan Fa runs over to shadows body, checks his pulse, and runs off with his coin bag.



 Post subject: Re: Tales of Shadow (2)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:07 pm 
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lol continue..

do i sigh that much?


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 Post subject: Re: Tales of Shadow (2)
PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:12 pm 
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more :(

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 Post subject: Re: Tales of Shadow (2)
PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:20 am 
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Lmao, Todd, this shit is actually pretty good! I'd like to hear more (I know i'm a little late, never saw this before)

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