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PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:54 pm 
Annoying Prick (Banned)
Annoying Prick (Banned)
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First of all if Obsidian want some more players, tell me more about real Obsidian.

7 years ago,the staff Echo gave false accusation of multi players on my account and banned it.
Mmm... I was just playing from my Dad n mom house,so 2 different Ip but trully 1 player and 1 account.

After Few Pm I realise I really had to quit Obsidian cuz my account was damm banned and every staff was closing there eyes on my pm.

But now 7 year laters, I told my self that the staff who erased almost a year of my kid life may be gone or more mature now.

So 6 month ago I started again with the same name then when I was kid. Spinner :)

The first month I didnt get any trouble with staff,ecept that my locked and secured chest with all my armor,money,weapons,pots have been stoled my bathory!

I told staff with pm and page and all they did is wrote on main page that there been a bug with the secured chest and players that stolen houses had to give back stuff to there owners.

So after all my pm and staff page, No admin never came to help me get all my stuff back.I never had my stuff back I had to start again with 0 money and nothing left.

Now 3 month later my Gmed necro is dropped down to 0 by a bug,I give pm and page but again I get no help at all from staff.

So I realize that I have to start all over again my Necro.I tell my self that I could afk my necromancy 100% like it was before the bug drop me to 0 and if I get busted I just simply told admin about the bug.

Well at 97% afk the staff Echo remove my 176 int to 0 in my meditation to 0% my necro to 0% again so I pm Echo to tell him that I already was 100% before the bug drop me to 0 .
I was afk cuz it was the second time I was trainning necro at 100%,but again Echo perm jail me a week and dont help me with bug and want me to quit the shard.

So I quit this harrasing bugged game 2 month.

@ month later,I decide to tell a friend about this game,I show him every thing about Obsidian and tell him that he can only play from is house with is account and same for me or we gonna get banned.

My friend got perm jail my staff Echo who start menacing my friend that he is multi account on 1 player and he gonna be banned.
My friend tell Echo that we are 2 friends we both play from 1 house 1 Ip adress each and that plz dont ban 2 good players.

But now my friend and me both gonna quit playing this shard of harrassing bugs and banning?


-Cuz again my 2 vendor with 100k stuff each 50 k cash each disapear...(Bugs-staff attack)



Why cant staff help me with the bugs instead killing my players skills?

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:36 pm 
Game Admin
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I'm not even going to read what you're posting. Congrats on the ban

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:14 am 
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Another win :)

Keep it up Raptor!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:17 pm 
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its was 20k from vendors, now its up to 50k each!

i lost a ton of stuff to vendors too and i guarantee it was WAY more than him! i would complain...but i dont have his grace!

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:26 pm 
Ill be very quick and simple even if many of you are way to much spiteful childs.

Player A invest a lots of time in a shard and start being a victim of many bugs.

Players A ask staff for help but instead staff decide to destroy player A removing is stats and skills.

Players A lost is secured chests and vendors but is willing to pay donation to have back what bugs stole him.

Player A who brang a new player and is really willing to make the shard strong and grow, page,pm and post to get help on the bugs he is victim.

Some spiteful childs start harrassing player A on forum, then a certain staff called echo decide to ban him from forum instead of taking player A donation that he would nicely pay to get fixed what bugs stole him.

Now player A and player B got way to much so sick of the spitful childs acts so we both quit obsidian.

So if one day staff willing to take the shard and new players seriously and also gave back what bugs stole both of us;we gonna pay damm big donnation and play again!:)

Player A = Spinner
Player B = Kajuyax

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:28 pm 
Dude Spinner had like 20 str fish on one of is vendor with silver armor part its like 30 k each it was gmed+ fff fish wrestlin + 100 gmana + many pots + the cash vendors were holding...

We are not talking about what was into is secured chest you know!

STFU Stop acting like spiteful childs it just making us more sick!

What we both ask is so simple! Time is money you know!

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:59 pm 
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This thread is pointless


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