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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:00 pm 
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Please post 5 things in game or out of game that would get you to play more often.

Don't put one of those as more players (I know it would be one for almost all of you)
Only post once
Keep the posts short - don't make it long winded. I WILL get bored and will stop reading.

Here's an example:

1) Ridable dragons
2) Feathers on chickens
3) Cool new weapons
4) More hunting areas
5) A translator

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:39 pm 
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Shard Supporter (Donated)

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1)tameable drakes/dragons- just cuz its cool.

2)bring back enchanted weps- i know we all exploited the shit out of them but how hard is it to fix the exploit instead of just remove the feature. ffs we busted our asses to build warlock mages for nothing. doesnt seem like it would be hard to fix, just dont allow enchants to be sold to vendors duh.

3)poisoned weps- poison pots are not meant to be thrown its stupid and just gives mages twice the poison options that warriors have.

4)elven bows that dont shoot like crossbows because you had a bug and wouldnt fix it even though it was obvious the problem was that you had to have at least one bolt in your pack before the elven bow would fire arrows so obviously the elven bow somehow thought it was a crossbow and shot arrows slow as shit this is one of the things that pisses me off worst about this damn shard always has i wanted a fucking elven bow for my wood elf ranger its the only reason i played ot begin with i had to change my guy to a stupid vamp to survive cuz wood elf rangers sucked ass were capped at 30 on all wep skills but didnt have their elven bows. and they should be poisoned also.

5)human races still seem too powerful compared to the other races 100 points means nothing because the races are all totally crippled in at least one vital pvp skill. you can win with any character it depends on the players skill i know this but that doesnt make it balanced. the only race char that benefits would seemingly be a crafter.

anything i say is strictly opinion i love all u guys and if i am incorrect please let me know because its the only way i can learn i dont play enough to check on things that might have changed or possibly i remember things a little wrong im only human just trying to help. thx.


PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:42 pm 

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1) Fix Energy Vortex and Blade spirits. make them poison and Do more damage.
So that people dont need a million bears or high end polymorph to be able to hunt.

2)Pvp prize system for events. *unique items. like re-color and re-dye a piece of cloth or weapon a special hue (nothing crazy of course) name change deeds, skin color deeds, again nothing crazy maybe like a yellow tint. etc, or mounts like bears or something, Again nothing crazy like dragons.

3)Provocation, would give ppl reason to start a new character, and play more.

4)Stables back- its a pain to play with no stables, stabels were removed a logn time ago so taht tamers could sell mounts, no tamers on at all times, put them back at a high cost. 900 gp a mount. make sit better to buy from a tamer when available.

5)not implement new weapons or rideable dragons. lol

OHH boats and Tmaps. hunting for treasure is fun and very profitable.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:20 pm 
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Shard Supporter (Donated)

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1) archery on wariors (and a lot of other race limitations removed or changed)
2) timelines for things to be finished and then somewhat followed (going over a deadline because of being busy is ok for a while, but going over a deadline by YEARS is discouraging)
3) vanqs being available without an act of god being a prerequisite for a chance to get one
4) new lands to explore. We have TONS of land masses that we are not using...the current map that we are allowed to play on is only about 1/5th of what we have in our client files...this does not even include GM only areas like green acres.
EDIT: 5) This is closer to number 1, but I edited out my least most wanted...anyway..I've come and gone a lot over the years and lately every time I go it's because hunting sucks. Loot is not worth the effort even a little. There's no suspense, no wonder, nothing enticing people to keep going, but there is plenty of frustration. The only thing people have to look forward to while hunting is trying to stay alive, and thats only fun for a few minutes.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:09 pm 

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1)would be nice to have access to dungeons with their respective monsters atleast in like t2a and such and the newer areas dungeons like malas and what not.

2)have race specific towns in other lands.
3)colored ore weapons do increased damage so they arent just a pretty weapon that does iron dmg
4)tweak some stuff with classes bows on warriors would be nice but, archery being not useless in 1 on 1 battle with a mage would be cool... im still in favor of somehow getting you to fire while riding a horse...

5)would be cool to go back to the old graphics for a few weapons... like hvy xbows they looked better than the ones now

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:28 pm 

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1)spirit speak skill bonuses work without me having to actually use the skill before i use a necro spell.
2)summon undead work like summon creature.
3)spirit speak skill shortens delay between casts of summon undead and necro spirit.
4)some kind of summon mount for necromancers would be really kick ass.
5)some kind of item that allows for higher damage from spells one for necros one for mages i.e. like a hat or robe, does increased damage against monsters and not players.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:11 pm 

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1. Tinkering on my smith aka being able to create the character i planned for 5 years.
2.crafting objects weighing less then the materials used to create them
3. being able to place a house in yew passage
4. new vendor system or rather going back to vendor lists and possible implementation of a vendor mall, not like the portal we had before maybe a room with books that link to vendors lists so we dont have to run all over the place looking for someone who is actually selling anything. no idea how easy it would be but really cool!
5.forages/anvils/looms for our homes again! or be able to craft them.possibly be able to buy them again until they are made craftable


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:37 pm 

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1. Something to do I log on to train everynow and then but i get bored so fast.
2.Being able to move my houses 1 last time would be nice lol.
3.Int gains are way to high people worked hard to get a good build with stats and this fucked it up.
4.Fishing on docks and bridges.
5. Hunting sucks now i hate it more than anything on here now. I liked it when u could go to desterd and make a good amount of cash and u could get wep drops in cove 3 a good amount.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:48 pm 

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I honestly do not have 5 things that would make me play more often, I like the game the way it is. The only thing that stops me from playing as often as I would like to is real life- a full time job with chaotic hours, a fiancee and a household to manage doesn't leave a lot of time to spare for the game.

What would be cool though- but probably wouldn't make me play more often because changes in a game wont change irl- is :
-bring back the rides that don't spawn anymore (including the black mustang)
-more events (its been said before I know but I like events)
-a better system for finding player vendors, the few that I can find are rarely stocked
-redeedable houses
-random cool drops when fishing (like treasure maps or something that can start a quest line)

Like I said, I enjoy Obsidian so the changes are not needed for me to have fun or play more... just random thoughts.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:52 pm 

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1) boats (im sure its been said)
2) chess and checker peices center them selves on each tile
3) was the last fire tournament finished?
4) cooler custom colors.. (more faded ones like puke)
5) dis dick
6) more pointless islands sorrta like bald isle ...maybe bushy isle ROFL.. sorry corny :(
7) better clashing and music sounds...

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:44 am 

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1. Making every weapon useful to some extent. (Cuz who tf uses clubs and staffs?) Make staffs based on int or something, idk just a thought. Also want to add on the vanq thing that Azimuth said. Vanqs being this rare isnt cool or makes you feel that great, cuz you'll never use them being this rare, what was it for this one dude 150 bosses for one vanq, wtf?. The way they were before the loot patch or w.e, was good enough and accessible to those that can manage it. The system was fine, vanqs werent out of hand..

2. Correcting loot on most monsters (Gold and stuff like that seem pretty fine. But some elementals and stuff dont drop the right regs, or none at all, for example Poisonous elementals come to mind.)

3. Making batwings do something!

4. Like said, making housing as accessible as it was in t3a. Who cares if theres a hill or its dirt? Houses are built on these terrains since the middle ages (like yew passage as mentioned.)

5. Making gains at high levels on some skills GMable ( 4 years approx. with a char and starting with resist at 50% and im barely at 70? really? Also magery at 90 ish is slow as f***, and so is archery in general.)

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 7:35 am 

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1 More players
2 Better loot
3 Events
4 Better rares

Could only think of 4 :)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:16 am 

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1. More events
and what not

2. Quests

3. Hidden treasure maps which I guess is quests

The list goes on. I heard the pvp was changed and it sucks and benefits warriors But really haven't tryed that although I don't get why the chancgr

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:31 pm 

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1) Weekly events. Dosent matter what they are, or the prize, it would just make me look forward to something.

2) being able to move houses every 3 months or so, would help alot of people.

3) Bring back alot of the older skills, like thievery.

4) Make all monsters tameable. (ecxept for bosses)

5) More customization with houses, being able to build from the floor up.

Thank you for considering out point of view.


PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:15 pm 
bring back some old school players no matter what they have done
bring back the old pvp system where you had loads of players pvping all the time
give me my money back that i earned
staff to enjoy them selfs
bring back thassius both player and staff :P

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